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Product Name: Locus Assignments

Product Description: All in all, Locus Assignments have shown that they’re a high-quality writing service that students can rely on when they need them.

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They really do care about the product they’re giving you, and understand just how important it is to you. We wholly recommend using when you need to buy an assignment.


At the time of writing, there are just under 150 writers working with this service. 97 of whom are from the UK. This is a lot more than other writing services, which usually average out at around 50 writers. Having so many to choose from means that you’re more likely to get matched with a writer quickly, and start getting your assignment written. We’re also impressed with the number of writers that are from the UK itself. Many services rely on non-native English speakers to produce their writing, and so they put out substandard work. With so many UK writers though, you know you’re getting the best possible work.

It’s also worth noting that there are 112 writers with Masters degrees and 51 with PhDs. You can request a writer with a higher level degree, so you know that you’ll be able to get such a writer whenever you need them.

Company trust

No matter who you order from, you need to be sure that the writers you’re working with respect your privacy. Can you trust Locus Assignments not to sell your details and respect your needs?

When you take a look at their website, you’ll see that they have a full and detailed privacy policy. They have fully laid out what information they need to collect from you, and why they need the information they do take.

You’ve also got to be sure that your information is safe from third parties when you order with this service. Locus Assignments use privacy protection services to keep your information safe, so no one not involved in your order should be able to see what you’re doing. They also guarantee that you’ll never have your details sold on to others.


Possibly the most important question is, can Locus Assignments deliver assignments that get you the grades you need? This is something you need to look into closely before you hand over any details to a writing service.

Looking at what they can offer, it does seem as though there’s a lot of writing services you can choose from here. For example, you can order:

  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Coursework
  • Homework
  • Thesis admissions
  • Assignment
  • CV
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading

As you can see, there’s plenty you can choose from. Whatever you need, Locus Assignments should be able to help.
As to the quality of the writing itself, we’ve looked into what they’ve put out for past customers. We’ve also taken a look at the samples that are available on their website, to ensure that they can write top quality work.

Our investigations found some of the best quality work that we’ve seen from writing services. Reports from past customers have been generally positive. The comments suggest that the writing is always written to the standard they were expecting, researched well, and delivered on time. Taking a look at what they were saying, it seems as though no resales were noticed, and no plagiarism was showing up in text, as it tends to do in other services’ work.

The samples we read were excellent too. There was evidence that the writers assigned to the task were well versed in the subject at hand, and so knew exactly what they were writing about. You know you’ll be matched to a writer who really does know your subject inside and out, making your assignment high quality and ready for use right away.


Pricing will vary with any writing service you use, as they’ll charge differently depending on what you need from them. As an example, let’s take a freshman 2-page assignment, that’s due within 7 days. With Locus Assignments, this will cost £22.90 GBP.

You can get a discount of 19% of that price if you’re a first time customer with the service. You can also buy additional services too if you need them. These include:

  • Draft: +20% of order price
  • Advanced customer service: £4.29
  • High rank professional: +25% of order price

There are more discounts you can take advantage of, too. The more you order with this service, the more money you can get off your final price. This is measured by the number of pages you order. When you order over 15 pages total, you’ll earn a 5% lifetime discount. When you hit 50 pages, the discount increases to 10%, and when you’ve ordered over 100 pages you’ll have a 15% lifetime discount.

Customer service

Like most writing services, there’s a customer service team ready to help you. They can help if you have questions about ordering, or if you already have an order in progress.
All reports we’ve seen of the service say that they’re native English speakers, important when you need to resolve a problem quickly. They come back to customers quickly, and usually resolve issues within a short amount of time.

It’s also worth knowing that Locus Assignments have detailed money back and revision guarantees, which can be viewed on their website.


All in all, Locus Assignments have shown that they’re a high-quality writing service that students can rely on when they need them. We were impressed by both the level of writing they can offer students, as well as the level of service they can give you.

It’s clear that Locus Assignments are offering good quality writing for a price you can afford, too. This makes getting help affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank when you need assistance.

We can recommend you use Locus Assignments when you need help with your work, as their writing is some of the best around.

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