Education is an eye that sees the outer world

Education The drift in world order backed with advanced technology throws light over the remarkable brain power of man that has been changing the world slowly for centuries, but it has gained acceleration and is being catalyzed now by the sense of competition among countries.

Education While the world is in the high swing of technology, it seems like we have been transported back to 1947 and all we have is a “broken Pakistan” it needs a savior to put it on right track but the savior will never come. Today I can see millions of eyes brimmed with despondency because everyday prices surprise us with a new upsurge making the lives of the destitute more susceptible and this wave of inflation seems immune to any positive change.

Education is The unanticipated broad jump of the dollar has pushed many below the poverty line leaving them dangled between life and death. Currently, we are living in a state of poly crisis. One of the crises, the education crisis may have long-lasting effects on our country. Education is the only software we have that can be a mind changer. But this decades-old software needs to be updated as per the demands of modern times. Our students have always been deprived of quality education.

Education in Our conventional syllabus and teaching techniques have still not been able to enable our students to compete on a global level. Students are addicted to cramming and they badly lack critical thinking abilities. Lack of practical work has snatched their thinking abilities and they never question things because they are used to copy-pasting material from textbooks to exam papers. The penetration of mobile phones into the lives of students has caused massive damage to their innate abilities.

Education They rely on phones for every question popping up in their minds. Secondly, they avoid questioning because of the attitudes of teachers. Because most of the teachers perceive interrogation as a hazard to their power so they ridicule students if anyone dares to ask questions.

Education Such unasked questions create a mess in their brains and they wait for the teachers to fill the gap spontaneously. Ultimately, they fail to perform well in their practical lives. Fast forward to the university level, our universities have turned into political hubs where every segment has become highly politicized. Students are given a natural environment to develop evil habits.

Students try hard to get an A grade rather than getting an education by evil means and they go to any extent to land an A grade even without touching books. We have become vision blind because of the poor quality of our education system. Vision blindness can drag a nation into a mesh of ultimate darkness from where no return is expected. The youth of any country is the primary pillar in the progress of a certain country but our youth has failed badly.

The number of educated Pakistanis who left Pakistan in 2022 is alarming and reflects the deterioration of our fragile education system. Still, four out of 10 people are illiterate with a literacy rate of 61pc.

Many regions of the country are still lacking the availability of educational institutes so education should be available invariably. Secondly, by deleting the rote learning system from the educational institute, we should prioritize developing critical thinking abilities in our students.

Thirdly, our education system should hold versatility in it and offer multiple subjects so that everyone can get a chance to excel according to his taste. So it’s the demand of modern time to modify our education system as quickly as possible to compete the world.

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