Education is a blessing

Education is a blessing

Educatin is The gentle transition of man from caves to luxurious houses and the advent of inviolable technology into their lives was not a magical switch. The sole differentiating factor between human and animal brains is the process of thinking, acquiring, and generating multiple ideas from a single picture. So if we say that education is the mother of all those ideas and subsequent transition it will not be wrong.

The imperative role of education in human evolution can never be undermined because education shapes the future of nations depending upon its quality and has the power to manifest itself in every aspect of human lives. The primary reason of education is to change the minds of people and we have witness over the years how the changing minds have changed the world by speeding up the process of innovations.

Education has brought us comfort in a variety of ways. The process of education never stops and a man is born to be a forever student and seeker of new things because, in this temporary world, education is the only permanent thing and has no end. Education unlocks new opportunities and releases man from the shackles of dependency by making him mobile. Education is our natural mind trainer it trains our minds and sharpens our brains.

So education is a journey from gloom to brightness making you a ray of light in the darkness. From the field of technology and computer to the field of science and medicine, we can witness the miracles of education in every field as every available thing today was almost unimaginable in the past. Education is the only force that overcomes the weaknesses and flaws of a human and makes him a new person entirely.

Education grants us mental freedom, elevates our confidence level, builds our decision-making ability, paves the way for new opportunities, opens closed doors, and makes us virtuous humans. It takes us away from superstitious things as educated minds always focus on logical reasoning of every action happening around them. Today we can see that the whole world is locked in a small device in our hands and we can connect to it easily every time we unlock our phones.

This has all been possible only because of education. It makes society a better place and independent by eliminating poverty. Some of the documented facts about education are, it boosts income, increases GDP, prevents maternal deaths, prevents early child marriage, and decreases crime rates in society. It removes the sense of inequality, takes you out of your shell, and enables you to compete globally. It helps you to find your scattered identity and makes you the owner of your identity.

Because in this population of eight billion, without education and without your identity you are no more than a piece of sand. Kill your inner self and bring a change at the individual level because a single drop of clear water can bring a change in the muddy water even if it is the lightest one. Education makes a stimulus of positivity and an obstacle to negativity education helps you to find your passion.

your passion for your work and how you do justice with your work unveils your actual personality and it makes you transparent for yourself because you are your own mirror. Submit yourself completely to serve humanity so that you can reach the holy level of dignity. Education makes you a galaxy in the world of righteousness.

Education is the fundamental right of every human being on this planet so being educated means you are benefiting your society in multiple ways. Go and get an education and do well so it comes back to you.

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